Regarding transports during the European Veterans Championships 2017 in Helsingborg, Sweden, we can now happily inform you how to transport yourself during the EVC 2017. At Your namebadge which You will recieve at the accreditation there will be a symbol “Skånetrafiken”. With this badge you will have free transport with the local buses. Most of the bus services which goes through downtown also passes by the venue. The buses departs approximately every 15 minutes. If You decide to walk from downtown to the venue, it takes approximately 15 minutes.
With this badge, You can also travel to various tourist attractions such as “Sofieros castle garden” and one of Sweden’s biggest shopping center “Väla”.
The buses depart frequently so if you miss one there will be a next one to catch shortly after. However, a good advice is to have plenty of time to make sure that you can prepare the way you desire in the arena.
Anders Karlsson
Project Manager
European Veterans Championships 2017