When we approached the end of the European Veterans Championships I asked Mr. Michael Theis, the master mind behind the various veterans championships, if he thought the event here in Helsingborg had been a smooth operation.
His response was: ”This hasnt been a good tournament. This has been an excellent one.”
In Swedish the word has a few synonyms and they are fabulous, superior and smashing. Of course, these are some big words but we are quite proud of what we have accomplished. However, it would not have been possible without the efforts from our fantastic volunteers. There are many of you who deserves a big thank you. You are the reason this tournament turned out to be so successful. We all worked hard, early mornings and late nights and to me, I truly do not know how to thank all you enough but it is my sincere hope that you share my pride and that you had a great experience.

And who knows, maybe we´ll meet again at another event here in Helsingborg.

Anders Karlsson
Project Manager, European Veterans Championships 2017 Helsingborg, Sweden